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How I Ruined A Date On St. Patrick’s Day With Silly Irish T Shirts

I don’t think there is a person reading this who wouldn’t agree with me when I say that Saint Patrick’s Day is an awesomely fun holiday. You get to dress up in great Irish tees, party like a rock star, and have fun with your friends. I love St. Patrick’s Day a lot, but one year in the not-so-distant past that love cost me a lot.

To be more direct, my love of great Irish shirts was the reason I missed out on a long and wonderful relationship with a beautiful woman. Well, I can’t know that for certain…but that’s what I imagine in my head. This woman is stunningly attractive with long brown hair and dark eyes that will swallow you whole. As the wise men known as Hall and Oates once said: She’s a man eater. I saw her nearly daily on our ride up to our offices in the morning.

There are times when being drowsy and not in your right head will work totally in your favor. There are times when the girl you want to date steps into an elevator with you and you think in your head that you would like to date her, and your mouth opens up and you say something ridiculous like, “I sure would like to date you.” Yeah, I asked her out by accident. Maybe she was sleepy too, because she totally said yes without hesitation.

Here’s where things start getting a little dicey. On the day of our date, I went into work and got pinched almost immediately for not wearing green. It seems that I was so preoccupied with my date that I forgot that my favorite holiday was on the same day. I had to do something to fix this situation, because there was no way I was missing Saint Patrick’s Day.

I have to warn you that I am a complete moron, so please refrain from emailing me and telling me so. I tell myself all the time. Saying that, here’s my imperfect plan to celebrate the greatness of St. Patrick’s Day and the wonders of a new date. I figured in my very weak brain that I could possibly do both. The way I planned on accomplishing this feat would be to get ready in my awesome Irish tees before the date, so I would be ready to go right to the bar after dinner. How could this go wrong?

To my credit, I got to the bar and grill we were meeting at for our date early. I sat there, happily drinking beer and waiting for this beautiful woman to come spend some quality time with me. When she showed up and saw me sitting there in a bright green Irish t-shirt and orange pants, she just froze. I smiled and waved and she just turned around and walked right back out the door. I am an idiot, I ate all alone, and I got ridiculously drunk that night.

I love Saint Patrick’s Day. I am Irish descent and celebrating the holiday feels like celebrating my family and everyone who worked so hard to get my family where we are today. Maybe I got a little bit overboard with the insane Irish tee shirts, but that doesn’t mean that it’s frivolous and silly to me. The only thing I regret is that she wouldn’t even get to know the guy behind the green clothes. If she had, she might be throwing on her own Irish-themed apparel and joining me for a night of good times and green beers!